With a close community of like-minded people, conditions are ideal for developing new friendships and an active social life, Sheikh Zayed is filled with opportunities for things to do and places to go to. When you decide to emerge from the peace of your quiet retreat in Genova, you’ll be spoiled with choices. Genova’s uniquely situated location makes it surrounded with a massive variety of entertainment; whether its sports, a family outing to the nearby amusement park, an evening at cinemas, gourmet dining in top restaurants or a casual cup of coffee, Sheikh Zayed literally has it all, drawing residents from far-flung areas of Cairo to enjoy its outstanding facilities. Inside your very own environment, the peaceful surroundings and large expanses of green areas provide the ideal setting for your children to make friends and play outdoors (rather than be hunched over an iPad), and for you to get to know your fellow-residents while walking, jogging or even biking in the refreshing air and greenery. With extensive sports facilities, you can get your friends together for a game of football, basketball and tennis or have a relaxing day reading a book by the lake in our sanctuary gardens. If it sounds ideal, that’s because it is!