The Eastern Company for Real Estate was established in 1981, and specialized in land reclamation, real estate and contracting work. The demise of its late founder, Mr. Talaat Abou El Nasr, brought the company’s activities to a halt in 2006. However, the company resumed activity in 2015, led by a younger generation eager to put the company’s assets to good use and reclaim its reputation as a leader in its field. And when a dream met determination and will, a vision was created. Since the idea already existed; the important thing is to have the purpose to turn this vision into concrete reality. ‘Genova Villas’ was inspired by his visit to the beautiful Italian city of Genoa, our CEO determined to create a residential area here in Egypt that would fuse Mediterranean warmth and love of life with the stylishness and modern comforts that today’s elite have come to expect. With great team effort ‘Genova Villas’ was born!


Renowned for its rich cultural history in art, architecture and music, the unique beauty of this seaside town led to Genoa – or Genova; as it was chosen in Italy for being the ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2004. Immortalized in the works of such great writers as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and Albert Camus, it has been described as “the most beautiful city in the world”, and has succeeded in infusing modern buildings harmoniously with the older elements of the city. This belief that modernity does not conflict with beauty of design is a principle we have adapted from Genoa; and like the promenades of Genoa, our walkways allow our residents to stroll peacefully through the lush, green spaces that were also inspired by Genoa’s many parks. Located 226 meters above sea level, we even enjoy our namesake’s pure, clean air. Finally, we aspire to be “the most beautiful compound in the area”.